A Letter to the Reader

Sometimes when you visit a place, you’re so caught up in the excitement, adrenaline and sometimes fear, that you don’t really appreciate it until you leave.

It’s normal, and somehow for me makes it more worth it. Like I’m just living in the moment while I travel, and then I come home and reflect on all of the wonderful moments I experienced. It’s like looking at your life through a different lens and everything is clearer.

Hindsight is 20/20 after all, right?

You may be thinking, ‘well what if you forget something?’ But let me be the one to tell you that when you experience something so incredible you can feel it in your bones, you don’t forget.

You may not be able to recite every step you took that day, but you remember the feeling when a pigeon drops a little present on your shirt because you unknowingly strolled under its nest in the streets of Venice, or when you’re screaming the lyrics to your favorite songs at concert in Barcelona, or when you sitting in AWE in front of the coliseum because you realize how small you are in the sands of time – like a tiny light in the night that often gets overlooked.

These moments are what fuel someone like me to do what I’m passionate about.

There are so many amazing places to see, yes. But there also so many languages, peoples, food and cultures that come with those places. And even though I will never meet all of them, I would love to encounter as many as I can fit in my short little lifetime.

Starting to Wander is my way of sharing these unforgettable moments with the world in a way that I hope makes you feel like you experience them with me.

Thank you for taking the time to read my most cherished moments.

Love, J.

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